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U.K. Spanish Guitarist and composer returns with "Mandala".

"Mandala" is a fascinating instrumental Spanish guitar album that serves as a musical homage to the timeless Nuevo Flamenco guitar art form and brings the sound of the guitar forward into the new millenium.

  • Mark Barnwell is a guitarist on the leading edge of the 21st Century Nuevo Flamenco instrumental sound. His 5th album, "Mandala", will be enjoyed by fans of Nuevo Flamenco, World Fusion and Latin music.
  • "Mandala" features Mark Barnwell and his core band joined by some of the finest Nuevo Flamenco guitarists of the day including the Incendio Band Jim Stubblefield, Liza Carbe and Jean-Pierre Durand, plus U.K. guitarist Al Marconi.
  • "Mandala" features 10 orginal tracks of Nuevo Flamenco guitar magic, all written and arranged by Mark.
  • "Mandala" was co-produced by Mark and Bo Astrup, who has also worked with the California Nuevo Flamenco group Incendio.


"On his 2016 CD Mandala, guitarist and composer Mark Barnwell has shaped a fascinating instrumental guitar album that is a musical homage to the timeless Nuevo Flamenco guitar style and brings the guitar sound forward into the new millennium."
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"Mark Barnwell's new CD Mandala is evocative, soothing and a beautiful healing work of art. A collaborative composition of world class musicians orchestrated to a superb level. Each piece is a Safari for the Soul, a voyage transcending you to a beautiful exotic place. To follow your passions is to buy Mandala."
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"Mark Barnwell is certainly talented and respectful of that talent, he has a skill though, that in music is quite rare, he has the ability to create great musical imagination and wonderful vistas through his performance and his skill as both a musician and composer"
- One World Music (

"Mark's guitar performance is very mature. He plays clearly and convincingly. Besides the excellent technique, in his music there is his emotion, his passion, his heart."
- Viktor Mastoridis (BBC)

"Immediately I was blown away. Great guitar sounds, great production, great compositions. This is really top-notch stuff. Easily as good as anything else out there in the genre."
- Jim Stubblefield (Incendio)

"This man can make a guitar sing"
- John Govier (BBC)

"I was blown away by Mark's guitar playing"
- Cliff Bennett (1960s pop star and singer with the Rebel Rousers)

Mar de Sueños (Sea of Dreams)


Mandala CD



Nuevo Flamenco / World Fusion / Latin / Rumba / Flamenco

Track Listing

01Tierra Del Fuego3:46
02Surco Latino3:47
06Moroccan Skies5:30
08Endless Rain4:42

Sounds Like

Jesse Cook
Johannes Linstead
Jim Stubblefield

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